It will be easier for you to understand men!
Trying to solve strange signals sent by men has become part of the flirting life of every woman. In fact, when we take off our pink glasses or horse glasses, it’s easy to understand these mixed signals. “What does he mean?” If the question constantly starts to keep your mind busy, don’t worry, we’re catching up with you!

Here are the 10 mixed signals sent by men and the real facts underlying them!

Random messages with no meaning

These messages, which make no sense to you, are very important for them. They don’t know what they have to say because all they want is for you to take care of them. For some men, the only way to get a woman’s attention is to send messages that aren’t deep but you have to answer.

Doesn’t he respond to your message even though he’s the one who started the talk?

He wants to know if you still care. He is not interested in starting something new, he is interested in the idea that he has a place in your mind even if he doesn’t. If he is the one who started the conversation but doesn’t answer your last message, you can make him feel that it is still an option for you after a few hours by texting on a different topic.

Always texting but never wants to meet.

He likes you, but he doesn’t think your chemistry is enough. He doesn’t see a future with you, but he likes your conversation. No more than that, I’m sorry that this situation is limited.

Did he start being cold after the first date?

In that case, we can say that you’re not the only one. In fact, this could be a getaway even with the girl who is already on. If after discussing, nothing is the same as before, or if you are constantly busy or are somehow distant to you, we can say that you are not the only option.

Is he texting you any more?

Passionate young couple in mountains

Just please, do not belive to this highly narcissistic game of men. If he is more interested in you after learning that you are your lover or someone you’re talking to, it means he’s trying to prove something. This adventurous gentleman thinks he can win any woman he wants. Don’t you think he deserves to be surprised?

He’s just flirting even though he says he wants to stay friends!

Our guy wants you to be around him no matter what, but he doesn’t want any serious relationship with you. He wants to flirt without you having a commitment with you, in fact he clearly shows her intentions.

He just wants to call at night.

Sis, he only finds you physically attractive, does not want to spend quality time or get to know at a deeper level. We can call this signal an obvious booty call! Run away! Now!

He talks, meets, but disappears for special occasions!

The guy like to hang out with you but if it disappears on special occasions like birthday, Valentine’s Day, he can say that you like it but it is not ready for a serious relationship. It’s worth a little patience for this guy, and it’s worth giving him a chance.

He just wants to go out at night and beats funny messages!

We can clearly say that you find it fun. He doesn’t think much of a meaningful and deep relationship, but he longs to spend some time with you and have fun. You will not have a romantic dinner, deep discussions or peaceful Sunday breakfasts. The gentleman is a party man! We leave this assessment to you 🙂

He says he’s not ready for a serious relationship, but he doesn’t know what’s going to happen in the future!

He’s not really ready for a serious relationship. Everything he says with the future is small particles of hope that are said not to break your heart further. But there is of course the rightful share! Doesn’t mean it’s not going to be with you when you can’t do better. Nevertheless, we advise you to be with people who know what they want and don’t care about you as a second chance.

In fact, the basis of a healthy relationship is communication. What they do or say is not clear, what is meant here? If you try to maintain a relationship with someone who you cannot understand, you’ll have a bitter world. Just, let things ride..