Experts explain the 10 questions that women are ashamed to ask about their vaginas! Even if you are embarrassed to ask your best friend, there are certain problems with women. Don’t worry if you’re looking for yourself in a way that doesn’t like to express such problems.
We are here for you! Here are 10 vaginal questions women are ashamed to ask!

7 – Is it normal to feel propulsion when you peeing?

The vagina is open to a whole world. There are a lot of factors that will provoke women – some of them are ridiculous. For this reason it cannot be said that this condition is normal or abnormal. If you feel a light drive but it doesn’t hurt you, then we can say that there is nothing to worry about. If this situation is mixed with a burning sensation and become annoying now, you should be seen by your doctor.

6 – Why is my white and smelly discharge?

This is one of the most curious questions by women. To explain this situation; White discharge is not a concern in itself. This condition, which is completely hormonal in women, causes some discharge secretion through their cycles. But if this white stream comes with a bad smell, things will change slightly at this point. This symptom may be a sexually transmitted bacterial infection. To avoid a greater distress, you should appear to your doctor.

5 – Why do I have two periods in a month?

No woman wants to be exposed to menstruation more than necessary. There are many other reasons for this. The average woman’s menstrual cycle ranges from 25 to 35 days. If you live with shorter intervals, you may have a hormonal disorder that plays with hypothyroidism. Are you still waiting to appear to your gynecologist?

4 – Why I hear strange sounds from my vagina?

This condition, which is experienced during sexual intercourse and called as lendiril vaginal fart Ă–zellikle, is completely normal. You don’t have to worry or be ashamed of these sounds that the air enters into the vagina. Because the vaginal fart is not like intestinal gases. You do not have the right to prevent the air flowing into the vagina and you can not prevent it. Except for sexual intercourse, you can use tampons if you are afraid to live at any time in your life.

3 – How can I stop my acne pimples in my vaginal area?

These small, red protrusions you’re worried about are probably not acne, but the infections that occur with your epilation method – like razor burns. If you are gluing your genital area and you have this kind of distress, you can let your genital area rest for a while by interrupting the jill. You may also try waxing or laser hair removal. If you still continue to have this kind of redness after taking a break, you should see your doctor. Because it can be a rash or a different infection.

2 – Why is one of my vagina lips lower than the other?

It’s absolutely normal. The appearance of the vaginal area may vary from woman to woman, but may also have various differences within itself. If this does not bother you, we can say that there is nothing to worry about. If you are disturbed by the image, you can try vaginal aesthetics.

1 – I’m having terrible itching before menstrual period can cause this?

Vaginal pruritus before the period is completely related to hormones. You will understand that we are in trouble with our hormones. “A terrible itch” is another story. Nothing about hormonal changes should be “horrible”. If you are experiencing an itch that irritates you too much, you should go to check. This may be due to vaginal or skin infections.