Short hair easy to use. We’ve told you this here. So, what about that pixie hair? Ihh… This may require a little courage. It may also require you to say goodbye with your hair. It is inevitable that you have emotional moments when you say goodbye to your hair. But if you ask, is it worth trying this hairstyle that will turn you into a completely different person? Um, YEAH! Absobloodylutely!

Okay, we’re all feminists. But the masculinity of the hairstyle makes women look strong. Let’s face it. Even with short hair, we look better than men. This is a true story. Just remember Claire Underwood in House of Cards. You know what I’m talking about, right? Sorry, not sorry guys!

In recent years, pixie had been quite a trend. But there are some changes this season. In 2019 the pixie haircuts offer us little differences. They are grown-out guys! But like i said, not much just a little bit.

Sure you have recently noticed this hairstyle in celebrities. Celebrities don’t seem to have anything to fear, right? It makes me mad! Anyway, we don’t need to tell you how look powerful or how confident celebrities are with this hairstyle. Because everything is obvious!

It’s kind of unfair to be so cool with just a haircut!

Girls if you wanna try this grown-out pixie haircut, just don’t affraid anything please. You know, hair grows as well as people constantly change. To make the long story short, if change is inevitable, why not take some risks?

Look at this. You might end up like this. Don’t you think it’s worth a little risk? I think it’s definitely worth it.

Here the most beautiful grown-out pixie hair cut styles!

It feels nice to be different. You must have experienced it. Also, if you are tired of drying or washing long hair or falling into places, it seems like you don’t have any other choice. You deserve some relief!

What do you think? Are you gonna try? Because if you’re going to try, please tell us!