Throughout the rooted history of japanese tattoo, it has manifested itself in various forms in different cultures. For some cultures, while symbolizing combativeness, it was a symbol of devotion for some. The figures processed on the body also varied according to these differences. Sometimes war vehicles, poisonous plants and predators were used, while natural landscapes, flowers and birds were used. If you are interested in tattoo art, you will love these amazing photos!

So, What is Japanese style tattoo art?

Traditional Japanese tattoos continue to inspire tattoos all over the world today. Many tattoo artists combine old and new to make their art work and to extract pieces that are transformed from fun pressures into sensitive works. This wonderful Japanese tattoo technique is called Irezumi.

Irezumi is the art of tattoo, which is used in Japanese by means of bamboo sticks. In Irezumi, the main subject is made to the large parts of the body, such as the back and chest, and the details are drawn on the arms and legs. The tattoo can take up to 6-7 years to complete and the costs are quite high.

Which symbols are used most in Japanese tattoos

Japanese tattoos often symbolize culture’s respect for nature. So mostly tattoos adorn animal and flower motifs. Many tattoos also include animals associated with strength, courage, and protection, such as lions, tigers and dragons. Koi fish are also preferred because they represent luck, success and good fortune. But animal figures are the most popular dragon. It is also believed that power and power, as well as wisdom. Flowers are also an important part of the art of Irezumi. Lotus flowers, peonies and chrysanthemums are preferred for their beauty and prevalence in Japan. Sakura (cherry blossom) is the flower motifs in Japanese tattoo. Many artists prefer the flower preference to this motif.

We have compiled the best examples of this tattoo style for you. For those who are afraid to cover a large part of their body with tattoos, we have chosen the tattoo models you can choose for your arms or legs. We hope you will love this tattoo art!

These tattoos, which we think will be perfectly suited especially with its colored hair trend, will help you to reflect your personality as much as your hair! However, the color of your hair is of no importance if you want to reflect your soul to the real world, you must think about these tattoos! Examining tattoos made only to others can lead to a small spiritual journey. If you are looking for a hot tattoo and a big part of your body tattooed if you are considering to get Japanese tattoos is for you!

Here are 25 Japanese-style tattoo ideas full of meaning!