Just say goodbye to these dangerous habits and have healthy hair!

It is not easy to make our hair healthy, shiny, soft and strong. We always have to be careful and regular hair care. However, most of us have habits that prevent hair loss and healthy hair. Here is the 10 habit that you must leave immediately to reach healthy hair!

Using hair straighteners or hair curling irons very often

Straighteners, curling irons, blow dryer may be able to shape our hair easily. However, it is a fact that they damage their hair in continuous use! You should pay attention to use these devices at least once a week and use products that will protect their hair from heat before use.

Washing hair with hot water

Especially in cold weather it may be a good idea to bathe with warm water, but we have to say that it is not a very healthy condition for your hair. Therefore, you can wash your hair with lukewarm water and rinse with cold water as much as you can in the last rinse and make your hair brighter!

Permanent styling to the hair

Perma and Breazilian blowout make permanent styling as one of the biggest enemies of your hair! The chemical solutions applied during these processes can cause difficult damage to the hair. If you’ve made a habit of doing this to your hair, we suggest you stay away!

Playing with hair ( Wait, What?!)

Yeah, you heard it right. If you are starting to play with your hair while listening to lectures, working or watching TV, you have to leave this habit. Fat and dirt on your fingers and hands reach your hair as you play with your hair. If the hair is frequently lubricated, this may be the reason why it gets dirty quickly.

To wash your hair very often

Um, yeah. This one is the dangerous habit too. We have to say that it hurts the hair deeper than those who say “I can’t stop washing my hair“. When the natural deep oils begin to wash their hair excessively, they begin to disappear and this causes dryness. Especially if you wash your hair even twice a day because your hair is quickly oiled, you must give up this habit. I suggest you don’t wash your hair at least a day. Let it dirty 😉