Don’t you want to be like princesses on your wedding? You want to, right? Then you should take a look at the braided updo hair styles we have prepared for you!
Especially for the brides of 2019, you should know that the natural looking hair styles are popular. Efortless looking hairstyles are a favorite of this year. We do not recommend these hairstyles for brides only, and bridesmaids may also prefer braided updo hair styles.
Do you have more time for your wedding? Then you should definitely try these models for your graduation!

Here are some of the most flashy 50 braided updo styles and tutorials we have selected for our brides!

You can find 5 tips that you should take into consideration about your wedding hairstyle at the end of the story.

There are a few things you need to look out for your wedding hair, should we talk about them? I think you said “YES!” already. So, shall we? 🙂

  1. First of all, if you plan to dye your hair before the wedding, you must dye it at least 15 days in advance. In this time frame, the hardness of the dye is very important in terms of light flow and color. Doing so may cause an unwanted appearance.
  2. Accessories are very important. It is very important for your hairdresser to know about some things when deciding your hair together with your hairdresser. During the wedding, the bride must wear jewelry and accessories and accessories. If possible, these accessories and jewelry must be brought to the hairdresser.
  3. When deciding with the personal or hairdresser’s hair in the bride, the wedding venue must be considered. The bride’s hair is not the same as a country wedding or a closed space. Again, the accessories are not the same.
  4. The bride’s hair should not be interpreted in the same way as every face. Rectangular face and square face hair are not the same. For example, round face bun, bulky hair or short hair is a good solution. Or it can be supported with square face bangs. So you should choose your hair according to your face shape.
  5. All eyes must be on the bride and the bride’s hair must be completely perfect. Therefore, the last day skin and hair care can be an obstacle in achieving the desired perfection. Getting started regularly after 3-4 weeks makes things easier and makes everything wonderful.