Have you ever come across the mermaid hair trend? You probably met. This trend will make you wiggle in 2019! Because the pastel color tones are essentially cold however, they’re seemingly warm!

Have you ever heard of Odysseia?

For those who don’t, I would like to tell you a fascinating story about mermaids a.k.a sirens.

The sailors who immersed themselves in the fascinating sounds of the Sirens were dragged down to death. The captain of the ship Odysseus knows this, but he is still determined to listen to the Sirens. For this reason, he orders his crew to block his ears with wax and to attach himself to the pole. And even if Odysseus pleads, he orders them not to dissolve him. As he passes through the Sirens, Odysseus bewitches himself to the magical music of the Sirens, begging his crew to solve him.

He’s completely self-contained and ready to let himself into the Sirens. But the crew ties Odysseus more tightly because they have not heard anything and are therefore not under the spell of the Sirens. When they finally leave the area of the Sirens and the Siren’s effect passes, they solve Odysseus, so they go on. That’s the summary of the story. Actually the hole story is amazing if you want to read the entire the epos you can buy it here.

Let’s get back to the topic, mermaid hair styles are colored. This trend which is mostly seen in pastel tones will impress you! The mermaids have long hair, but some may not. I should say that this trend, which is mostly integrated with long hair, looks very good in short hair too.

Here are the most fascinating 50 mermaid hair styles we’ve compiled for you!

Please share with us if you tried this trend! If you’re thinking about trying it, you can do it yourself by watching this video!