I know, I know you’re thankful for the time period when you see the hair styles made in the ’80s.
But be honest, the photos of the ’80s don’t let you cheer you up? It does, doesn’t it? For this reason, we have compiled tutorials that can adapt these hairstyles to the present. And we have compiled 51 Legend 80s Hairstyles That’ll Turn Your Head only for you!

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Follow our clues to discover the secret of curly hair inspired by the 80s.
Trends may seem temporary, but they actually repeat themselves. If not, in 2017, the coffee lips of the 90s, the tights of the 80s or all the retro currents that could come to mind, would still be in our lives? The latest trend of fashion that has led us to the past years is the curly and fluffy hair inspired by the 80s. So, is it possible to get this view without making a perm? Yes, of course! Follow our clues to discover the secret of curly hair inspired by the 80s.

After seeing these awesome curly hairs of the 80s, you can give your hair a curly look with the information underneath the photos.

Here are the 65 legendary hairstyles of the 80s!

Here are the secrets of giving your hair a curly look without the perm process:

  1. Use your fingers as you build your hair instead of the hairbrush to add more volume to your hair. Even if there’s a light wave in your hair, you have to protect it because it will help you shape your hair.
  2. After hair drying, give the hair spray. Brush the volume spray frequently and repeat these steps.
  3. Get help from a thin curling iron and start to curl your hair again in fine tufts. Wrap your hair around the tongs with the help of fingers, and release the ends; so you’ll get a much more bohemian look. Because you apply a pre-spray on your hair, your hair will take shape easily, so you don’t need to keep the curling iron in your hair for a long time. Make sure his hair doesn’t keep the tongs in the same direction. By creating irregular waves you will get a cooler hair style.
  4. Try to brush your hair after you have all your hair curled up to add volume. However, when brushing your hair, you should brush with gentle and slow movements instead of hard movements. You don’t want to hurt your hair, do you?
  5. Finally, do not forget to apply a fixative spray with a strong grip to make your hair look cool and remain constant throughout the day.