We know you want to live in a stylish and trendy house. Here, home decoration fashions provide this. Every year we apply special and stylish decoration trends to our homes. So, do you know what you should do to apply the 2019 home decor trends to your home? Let’s help you now. You can read the 2019 decoration fashion in your home.

So let’s start! Here are 8 terrific home decoration trend of 2019!

8 – Ceramics

Ceramics, especially kitchen and bathroom decorations are essential. Ceramics that can be applied to both the floor and the wall will continue to be popular this year. We will also see ceramics in the kitchen and bathrooms as well as in the hallway and corridor. The effects of parquet and marble look ceramics are quite big. Also creating areas resembling mosaic walls using ceramics is one of the most remarkable trends in home decoration.

Tile patterns are one of the most popular trends that marked 2019 and tile patterns will often be seen in ceramic models of this year. Decide on the decoration style you want to apply in your home and choose from the ceramic models that will adapt to the color of your walls and be sure to join the #ihavethisthingwithfloors trend in Instagram!

7- Cushions

Decorative pillows, small budgets can enhance the decoration of the area. 2019’s popular geometric and tile patterns, as well as the nature of the reflection of the texture of your home to bring together these small but effective products to decorate your help is running. If you wish, you can make changes according to the trends in your living spaces with colorful geometric patterns or cushions with the lines that reflect the reflection of nature.

In addition to the decoration trends with the help of pockets 2019 applications, as well as patterns of the popular colors of the year, you can use the shades of vivid coral and green. Let’s not go through these colors, which are the trends of 2018 and can be combined very well with the mustard yellow which has been continuing this year.

6- Carpets & Rugs

Home decoration is a whole and no doubt that your floor decoration also contributes to the elegance of your home. In addition to parquet and ceramics, the choice of carpets and rugs is also very important. Of course, the carpets you choose may vary depending on the style of home decoration you apply; but if you generally choose your choice of geometric and colored rugs with natural colors and patterns, this may mean that you have implemented the 2019 floor decoration trends. In addition, the patchwork carpets, which have been a trend since past years, can help you to use the colors of the year in a stylish way and to sign a moving home decoration.

5- Storage Boxes and Baskets

Storage boxes that provide the layout in your home and thus contribute to the elegance of the house will now come to the fore with their contribution to the decoration as well as their functionality. In addition to tile and geometric patterned storage boxes, boxes with flamingo or pineapple designs allow you to reflect the 2019 trends in your home. In addition, this year’s another trend of choosing metal baskets and these baskets in a massive space by placing another decoration fashion can reflect more.

4- Furnishings

Seat, nightstand, table, chair trend The meeting of the massive and metal usage in all the furniture you have come to mind is the dominant point of the furniture trends of 2019. For example, wooden furniture such as tables, coffee tables, bedside tables or dresuar, you can choose metal options. We also remind you that natural wood is a very important trend this year in kitchen decoration.

You can evaluate the furniture colors and trends in the direction of general trends. Popular colors of the year, green tones, gray and vibrant coral color can be preferred in your furniture. In addition, the china pattern of the chest of drawers and dressers also help you apply the decoration fashion! However, in line with the decoration you apply, you can also choose the furniture in brown tones that emphasize nature.

In bathroom decoration, the subject is a little different; because 2019 year, the year of matte black in the bathrooms! But that doesn’t mean you can’t combine black furniture with the use of metal! In addition, the remarkable colors such as red and blue also marked the bathroom decoration of this year.

3- Wallpapers

We can’t ignore the effect of wallpapers on the way to a stylish and remarkable home decoration! Wallpapers have an effect that can change the face of the houses instantly. This year’s home decor fashion, nature of the breeze in the wallpapers, he says. Nature-themed wallpapers that offer tropical breezes, as well as the pattern of the year, the peacock feathered wallpapers also make a name for themselves. In addition, stone patterned wallpaper to reflect the industrial reflections in your home if you want to definitely get help from products.

2- Decorative Objects

Table, trinket, frame, mirror bile Even a small decorative object in your home contributes to the elegance of the space and we all know it. So how can you make choices about home design trends in this area?

Plant and animal themed paintings, wall panels and figurines, products you can use in 2019 home decor ideas. In decorative mirrors, you can give a chance to metal framed products such as roze gold and brass, or you can increase the natural effect in your home by choosing wood framed products.

Plants also allow you to reflect the natural effects on your home. You can make the plants that you have grown in your home can contribute to your living space with a flowerpot suitable for your home decoration. Wooden pots with colorful and geometric drawings are more popular than ever!

1- Lighting Products

Lighting products such as stalactites, chandeliers, sconces, products that complement your home decoration style. Different colors and designs with beautiful colors of your home lighting products especially geometric designs come to the fore.

In addition to lighting products, this year’s light bulb preferences are also very important. The light bulbs produced in the form of classic light bulbs are complemented by the elegance of the homes of those who adopt the classical decoration style and provide savings.