Always long, always strong and always shiny…

Have you ever wondered if Ariana Grande’s hair is real? Oh, We did.

We all know her from a TV show called Cat Valentine. During this show she had to dye her hair constantly. Therefore, her hair was worn quite a while back then. Guess what came to for rescue?

Yeap you know right! Ponytail!
This girl’s ponytail is simply iconic. We could say this hairstyle saved her life at the time and thus became her signature.
The singer, who prefers this hairstyle because of his hair is unhealthy at first, continues to use it because it has recently been integrated with this hairstyle. We love seeing her like this. And we’re jealous of death. Uh, but that’s not our point. Sorry guys.

Anyway, although it integrates with this hairstyle, Grande has tried different hairstyles over time. We can’t say these experience are sucks. However, we still prefer ponytail. What do you think?

So, this ponytail hair is all hers? Nope, not all of them. Ariana Grande does not try to conceal it. She posted a post about her wig on her Instagram account.
Here there is.. It must be nice to get rid of these hair.

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bye london

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Above all, how to care she for all these hair? The answer is quite simple: Coconut and lavander oil!
You must have heard how useful coconut oil is for the human body. It is also very effective for hair at the same rate.

Ariana Grande uses coconut oil as a pre-wash hair treatment to nurture her locks as well as lavender essential oil. And her hair stylist uses ColorWow’s Dream Coat. He calls it the “secret weapon”. If you want to have hair as bright as Ariana Grande’s, you can try ColorWow’s Dream Coat too. Also, this product is waterproof. So, you can have awesome hair even on rainy days! How you like that?!

Are there any products you use to care for your long hair? Please, Feel free to share with us! Anyway, if you are not a long hair person, that’s okey. You can see the most beautiful short hairstyles by clicking here.