Let’s make a journey back to the past. What about the 60s hair styles?

Have you ever thought you belonged to another time? Did you ever think that this isn’t your time? “I wish I was born in the past.” Have you ever thought that? Then you’re in the right place, sis!

Today’s fashion is cool and constantly developing. However, it is sometimes repeated the trends of past years. And for some reason we’re enjoying the pleasure of seeing these trends. So if you had a chance to choose a time period, which one would you choose? Is it a date 60s, 70s, 80s or much more? Yeah, we can’t teleport you into these years. That’s not a big surprise, is it? But we can show you those years – just a little bit of it- but, yeah..

We are always in favor of having a moment, As Robin Williams said in the movie Dead Poets Society: “Carpe Diem“. May he sleep in heavenly light. Nevertheless, we wanted to publish this series of news for those who desire the past more than the future or now. After all, those who want the future can watch “Back to the Future“. You already know that but this movie is rock!

I must also say that, in the 60s, men’s hairstyles were also quite cool. If you’re curious and you haven’t seen it yet, you should watch to “Mad Men“.

So what’s the secret of hair in the ’60s? Of course, it’s back combing! If you have hair bang, a strong hair spray and a back comb brush you are not far from accessing the hair trend of the 60s! WARNING: You may be fascinated by what you see.

Here are the stunning hair-styles of the 60s!

And for those who wonder, the most popular hairstyles of the romantic men of the 60s: