Previously, we talked about hair trends in the 60s. You can reach it by clicking here. So, how was the situation in the ’70s? How did women use hairstyles in the 70s? Were there still hair bangs? Or backcombings?

Let’s make a journey back to the past. What about the 70s hair styles?

When we look at the old photographs of our mothers and perhaps our grandmothers, we have a small smile on our lips. The fashion and beauty trends were very different from ours. No matter what happens, those years will always be innocent in memory.
Hair is of great importance for women every period. Women’s hair has always aimed to bring women’s beauty to the forefront, even if they are influenced by the conditions of the period. This is the case in the 60s, and this is the case in the 70s, even in the 10s.

Women’s hairstyles from the past to the present in the 70s were free from all splendor. In this period, hairs like hair sprays and special molds were removed from dusty shelves and natural hairs were brought to the fore as much as possible. The wide waves in the hair are very natural but striking. Hair decorated with hippie accessories is among the indispensable women of the period.

In addition, colorful or flashy outfits should be balanced with simple hairstyles. If the outfit is simple, the hair should be highlighted. If your outfit was flashy, you should have styled the hair more naturally.

Examples of wide waves in hair, the cool hair model in the 1970s can be shown. Farrah Fawcett, who played Charlie’s Angels, became the most iconic hair of the period. Maybe there are those of you who remember this. Who knows?
Ali MacGraw, which stands out with the naturalness of his long hair, is known as the fashion icon of the 70s.

These two hair icons, as you can see the natural hair styles are remembered. Then we can say that in the 70s, hair was far from exaggeration. We can count this as a break for the 80s 🙂

Here are the most beautiful and most iconic hairstyles of the 70s!