Ladies, let me introduce you to our hottest trend: Ash blonde!
Ash blonde is a very distant color from warm blond tones. It has blue and green in its lower tones. Gray hair colors are quite trendy in recent years, you already know it. Ash blonde is quite reminiscent of gray. But not exactly gray. Maybe it’s look like but after a few showers gray. I am kidding.

Let’s be clear. How exactly is Ash blonde?

This hair color is more useful than other blond tones or gray. Purple shampoos definitely works in order to avoid the problem of flushing and to ensure the continuity of the color.
In fact, it looks like a normal color. But it is not. Absolutely out of the ordinary.
If you want to use this color, you have a lot of options. You can use this hair color for all your hair or you can try it as babylights. Ombre models are also very good in this color. We’ll see the examples in a moment.

So, if you want to make small changes in yourself in these times when there is a trend of colorful hair colors but you do not want to take the risk this hair color is exactly what you’re looking for!

Want to know more about this color? Here is a video to help you easily apply ash blonde to your hair at home.

A tiny reminder: if you are already blond, you can dye your hair at home. However, if you have not previously tried to dye your hair we do not recommend.

And here are the most beautiful ash blonde hairstyles we have chosen for you!

Are you ready to be ice queen? You seem ready. If you try this color or you’ve tried before please share your feedback with us!