As we all know, women are strong and talented. Most of the time, they can sew their own clothes, become their own designers, care for their own skin, take their own nail polish and shape their hair themselves with the help of hair tutorial.

Seriously, why do we really need someone else while we can do all this? Maybe, just to pamper ourselves. If you are tired of going to the hairdresser and want to make your own hair yourself, these videos are just for you!

We have compiled the most beautiful hair tutorial videos on youtube for you.

Let’s start!

There’s nothing like messy home bun! Alex a.k.a MissAlex is actually fashion blogger. But there’s also soo cutie hair tutorial videos on her YouTube channel. And her videos are awwwsome. Damn girl, you got this stuff! This is unfair.. But it’s okay. You can subscribe to MissAlex’s channel by clicking here. Let’s skip to next video in our list!

Oh, that’s really simple tutorial as the name suggest. If you like classy hair bun, this video is just for you! Alex Gaboury attracts mostly hair tutorial videos. And as you can see, she is really good at this. There are many hair tutorial videos like this on Alex’s youtube channel. You can subscribe by clicking here. Have you noticed anything weird? OMG! GIRLS WHO NAME IS ALEX CAN SHAPE THEIR OWN HAIR!!11 Okey, that’s not a big deal.


Aww, these hairstyles are sooo sweet. Do you like go-to half up hairstyles? these hairstyles can be very elegant when done right. And we have to say, Annies Forget Me Knots is the best on this. Although the applications are quite simple, you will get a great result when finished.

Of course, we have not forgotten the ones with medium length hair. This video contains 10 different medium length hairstyles. And they are all beautiful and simple to make. You can subscribe to Abby Smith’s channel by clicking here.

OMG! Girls who her name starting with letter “A” can make their own hair!
Just kidding. Okay, it’s a little weird.

So guys, if you try these hair tutorials please share with us! We’ll be waiting for this!