With the weather getting warmer, you have started to receive invitations for many special invitations. Maybe one of these special invitations is yours. Maybe you’ve had too little time for your wedding, or who knows, who knows, you have little time for a prom? Having limited time for all these invitations means you don’t have time to growth your hair. Is that a problem? Of course not! Because we’re here for you. Updo hairstyles are gorgeous. And not only for long hair, but also for short hair. We’ve also compiled the updo hair styles that you can comfortably apply at home to help reduce your stress on these special occasions and help you choose your hair style.

If you are constantly indecisive about your hairstyle, you should know that the world of updo is ready to attract you! Because these hairstyles make you look amazingly sophisticated regardless of the color or length of your hair! Moreover, your options are definitely not limited. You can choose braid in your updo if you want or you can try your updo on wavy hair. You can prefer your updo from the top, from below or from one side. As I said at the beginning, the options are endless when it comes to updo hair styles!

So, how to choose updo hairstyles for short hair?

Keep this secret between us, updo hairstyles look better on short hair. Sorry long-haired chicks, we love you, but it’s true! Let’s get to the point, updo hair styles look better on short hair because there is less hair to hide. I mean, if you don’t have too much hair, you can look more natural and more elegant.

Therefore, short-haired women should definitely choose updo hairstyles in special invitations. These hair styles are great enough to make you forget that your hair is short. Especially in those times when short hair is a huge trend, we know that most of you are experiencing the same problem. But as you can see, being short-haired doesn’t interfere anymore to be chic and flashy in events.

Let’s look at the Milabu‘s YouTube video tutorial of the most stylish updo hair styles that short haired girls can do themselves at home.

And for the short hair we have compiled from the point of inspiration, the best updo hair styles!