YAY! Classy Updo Tutorials For Every Lenght! I’m sure there has been an increase in the wedding invitations you receive with the arrival of summer. Who even knows? Maybe it’s time for your wedding. We wanted to save you the trouble of going to the hairdresser during this invitation period. So we have compiled the most beautiful updo hair styles you can apply for yourself at home or with the help of a friend.

When compiling these hair styles, we wanted them to be suitable for all sizes of hair. But especially if you are looking for hair tutorials that are suitable for your own hair type, we would love to help you with this! If you have short hair just click here. If you have long hair you can click here to browse our tutorials suitable for your hair type!

Here are Classy Updo Tutorials For Every Lenght!

In this article you will notice that women with short hair are not so unlucky. You probably think you can’t get styled because your hair is short. But you should know that this is not the case anymore. You can try amazing updo hair styles as long as the long haired ones in your own hair.

As for our long-haired readers, we have no doubt that you will look great with these hair styles. I’m sure you have no doubt about it too:)

Of course, we want these hairstyles to make your job easier. Of course, we should also thank the hair stylists who prepared them. We compiled these videos from the Instagram accounts of two excellent women, Xenia and Sasha. You can access their Instagram accounts by clicking on their names.