Whether your bob haircut is short, long or medium-length, messy bob haircuts will look perfect no matter which of them you have!
The short hair trend is growing, but finding the right hairstyle may not always be easy. After all, you have a lot of options. Long bob? Medium-lenght bob? Or chin-length bob? The question is, which one of these will you choose or which one of these have you already selected?

Let’s get down to business, the trend of messy bob haircuts.
Messy looking hair is quite fashionable this season. This is pretty good news for those who like practical styles like us! We find this messy look very attractive and this style which we think fits perfectly with long hair, gives us great results with short hair too. If you’re looking for a style to shape your short hair, you should prefer messy bob hairstyle.

Before we share the best 20 scattered bob haircuts we’ve chosen for you, we wanted to tell you how to give your short hair a messy look. Your welcome tootsy.

First step:

After washing your hair, deumidify with towel and comb your hair.

Second step:

Part your hair in the middle. Then, add your hair a volume with your hair mousse. To use the hair mousse, apply a small amount of product to the palm of the hand, then apply the product ends from upwards of the hair.

Last step:

Take a few random pieces of hair and gently put it in the curls. Here you go! Your hair messy enough right now.

And the last touch:

Hand out your hair by the help of your hands and apply the hairspray to complete the look. That’s my girl! The process is now complete, you are now fashionable. Okey, okey you’re always fashionable.. 😉

Here are the coolest messy bob haircuts! You deserve it!

If you tried this hair cut, please send us your opinion about it! 🙂