Don’t you want to feel like a mermaid yourself? I think you do! Who would not want that? We wanted to share fishtail braid style which is one of the easiest braiding models to make. This braiding style is easier than others. But don’t get confused because it’s easy. Because it is as easy as it is, but at least as stylish as others. If you think you’re incapable of braiding, you can learn the simplest technique by clicking here.

So how can you use the fishtail braid style?

When you go to invitations, you can also combine these braids in your preferred updo hair styles. Or you can braid your hair on both sides when you go out for coffee with your friends. As another style suggestion, you can braid a tuft from the side of your hair to crown it. And you can use many different styles of fishtail braid that we didn’t write here.

So how is this awesome braid made?

If you are curious about the answer to this question, we have selected a great video for you! Just by learning the technique of braiding you can reveal many different hair styles. This applies to all braid styles. We leave the rest to your talent and creativity! Good luck girls!

Here is the fishtail braid tutorial!