You must learn how to make this wonderful braided hair style!
Summer is approaching in full swing! Braided hairstyles that can make us comfortable in hot weather and make our long hair tidy are among our favorite hairstyles in summer. Among these braided hairstyles, the French braid hairstyle that attracts our attention at the moment is the most. Now, how would you like to learn how to make this beautiful and classic braided hairstyle! So let’s start!

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DIY: How to Make a French Braid

As you can see in the above application, it is not as difficult as you think.

First step: First, gently comb all hair to give a comfortable styling. You can even apply a small amount of non-rinsed care cream or maintenance spray to make it easier to shape.

Step two: comb your hair backwards and take a pinch at the exact midpoint. Then take another tuft from both sides of this tuft and start knitting these tufts on top of each other.

Step three: Then weave from a right side and a left side by adding tufts to the weave.

Fourth step: When it comes to the nape, weave up to the classic, triple braid hair ends and fix it with a rubber buckle. That’s how practical it is!

We recommend you to try this style which is the coolest version of French weave! In order to make a double French braid, you have to apply the same steps to your hair this time. Finally apply the stabilizer spray and complete the look!

With a little practice, we’re sure you’ll master French knitting! Then we wish you will enjoy your braided hair style!

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