Braiding is not an easy action for some. But we’re here for you! You already know that. Is not it? For this reason, we wanted to introduce the easiest braiding method, pull-through braid style. We must say from the beginning that you do not need any skills to apply this braid. You will see that the instructions are quite clear from the tutorals we have compiled for you below.

This knitting style is really easy. But of course there is an annoying point. Before applying this style to your hair, we recommend that you have a lot of hair elastics around you. We’re sure you’ll love this hair style, which is easy to do but a bit frustrating to get back. Especially when applied to long hair, great images are revealed. But you can easily apply it to your short hair.

We will teach every woman who wants to learn to braiding! Because we don’t want to deprive you of this great image.

If you are looking for a more difficult model, you can click here to read our dutch braid article which is very similar to pull-through braid style. Don’t you want to leave the classic? Then click here to learn french braid style. Thank you too babes! 😉

Here are the most beautiful pull-through braid style tutorials we have chosen for you.