Do you hate your ex-boyfriend for what he has made? So, he deserves a vengeance! That’s cool!

You’ve had a lot of good things together, you’ve made dreams, you believe in it unconditionally, you have made sacrifices for him. But he broke your heart, didn’t he? It may not be possible not to react in such a situation, but it is not.

Your ex-boyfriend may have broken your heart in many different ways; He may have stolen your time, deceived you or kept any promise … That’s a bit harsh but trust me, that’s okay. What if we tell you we have a great revenge plan to cool your hatred? Uh, please don’t thank me darlin ‘. 😉

Here is the best way to get revenge from your ex-boyriend!

Step 1: Face up to breaking up!

If you want a real revenge, you shouldn’t have any expectations for him. Accept the separation, accept the fact that you can never co-exist with he again. What’s more, never fantasize about being together with him again. Remember that he broke you, there is no guarantee that he will not does it again at the first opportunity. Are we okay with that? Good! Let’s continue.

Step 2: Keep going!

Never, ever, ever beg for him. In time, “I guess, I can forgive this” NO! JUST NO! You began to think that you can give yourself the harm that no one can give. He proved it wasn’t best for you. Return to your life before him, as if he had never been. Even if you’re still thinking about him, don’t let him know. He still doesn’t deserve to be considered that much at all.

Step 3: Smile!

Don’t let him think you’re upset. Pay particular attention to your social media posts. Spend time with your friends, have fun and get over him! We know you need time to mourn the ending relationship and we give you the right. All you have to do is ignore this. Would you like him to feel so valuable? We would not!

Step 4: Stick to your life!

You don’t have him in your life anymore. But there is no doubt that he will be aware of your every success or happiness. Trust me, the best revenge is to be successful and happy! Let him feel sorry for losing you.

Step 5: Now is your turn!

When it comes to revenge, you shouldn’t think of just doing evil to someone. Such as actions usually consist of improper movements and result in regret. If you want to get a real revenge on someone, you should be able to add an eternal “wish” to him heart. We cannot think of a greater revenge than the absence of someone who can overcome it quickly, concentrate on your life and continue in a better, more successful, happier way. Let your ex-boyfriend think he won 🙂