In the previous years we were making extra efforts to cover our whitening hair. Do you really need this now? Of course not! This trend, called Granny hair, has become the passion of women of all ages.

This trend can save women from a huge burden. Gentlemen, so the whitening hair doesn’t just make you look charismatic. Women can look amazing with this hair color. Sorry not sorry. This time, fashion has contributed to both feminism and self.

Well, is the granny hair color easy to care for? and how to obtain it?

First of all, we should say that it is not easy to reach this color. If you have not done any dyeing before, then you are from the glorious ones. Because hair color bleach treatment for dyed hair is a bit more painful. We should definitely say that if you have a dark dye in your hair, it will be difficult to reach the granny hair color at once. You need to bleach your hair in the amount you set with your hairdresser and at certain intervals. But you should know that this is a one-time application. If you dye your hair to granny hair color, you can easily return to the hair color you want. Therefore, this hair color is definitely worth your money and time. If you are blond, or if you have already dyed your hair in blonde tones, you can reach the granny hair color at once. So, what do you stand for?

White represents ruggedness, innocence, accuracy and simplicity. White represents dullness, innocence, accuracy and simplicity. You can also choose this color in both winter and summer. Even though it looks like a cold color, it is an ideal choice for summer months. What do you think about granny hair color? Don’t answer! Let’s take a look at the best examples of this awesome hair color we’ve chosen for you first!

Here are awesome granny hair color ideas and DIY White Hair Tutorial!