Are you ready girls to summer? Yeah, right! So, what about your hair? 🙂 In the summer we began to see bold colors in the hair. For those who are tired of the color of their hair and want to make a big change. We can say that, 2019 will be a great year for us! Because this year the hair goes beyond the usual. If you are tired of the color of your hair and if you are looking for a new change rose quartz hair color is just for you! Let me introduce you to this great hair color! Ta-Daa!

As you might have guessed, this hairstyle is called quartz stone. The quartz stone, which has healing properties, maintains the harmony and keeping the emotional balance. Gives this color in gold-pink tone, and a completely different cool looking to the hair. This stone-inspired hair color that has amazing effects on people. Trust us, rose quartz will not only make your hair look great, but it will also make you a completely different person.

We frequently seen this trend on Instagram and preferred by famous stars and bloggers. Well, this color is winking the trend of pink hair! We know how much you love pink hair trend! Even gold, which we call rose gold, is very close to the pink color. As with other colored hair trends, rose quartz can be applied to the entire hair as a whole. Or as a form of balayage, colored hair can be brought to a different interpretation.

So, who should choose Rose Quartz?

We must say that it looks perfect for fair skins. Because you already know that but it is a light color. It will create a very cool look with its sweet glow on your light skin color. If you want a long lasting rose pink hair color and your hair is dark, you have to bleach your hair color. However, if your hair is in clear tone, you can try the color without bleaching the hair, this color is very suitable for you.

How to: Rose Quartz Balayage Tutorial

Moreover? Here are fabulous rose quartz hairstyles that will inspire you!