Guys, you remember Kylie Jenner’s faded pastel blue hair in early 2019, right? This woman either knows what is best suited to herself or she finds a way to approve herself this things. In any case, we must accept the great influence of this family on fashion. You know right, it’s hard to ignore it.

Still, the trend is not something we’re having difficulty accepting. I mean, i know it is very daring, extremely engaging and requires courage. But, who cares girls? Despite everything, THAT TREND IS FASCINATING! And we have no courage problem. Actually, i hope that it is. swh.

Let’s be realistic, it is kinda difficult and long process to have a hair color in these tones. Still, i think it is worth the try. If you have dark hair color, you should definitely go to a very good hairdresser. Because no matter what, this process will wear your hair a lot. Therefore, to minimize damage to your hairdresser preference is very important.

Anyway, if you already have platin blonde hair color so, there’s not a problem for you guys! Glad news: This process is quite simple for you! In fact, you can even try every faded pastel tone in your hair.

We mentioned that it requires a tone of courage. But it’s okey! If you not sure to dye your whole hair a totally different color, you can try faded pastel ombre. This color is also quite cool!

What do you think? Don’t you deserve a big change? Don’t you deserve a totally new you? If you think about it, you will see in the same time that it’s enjoyful. I accept, i am too dramatic right now so, sue me! Or, you know, dye your hair a faded pastel! No pressure..

If you have already try these colors or if you’ll try please share with us! You can still help someone waiting to be encouraged.
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