Hair loss is a big problem for men. However, this problem is now frequently observed in women. When this is the case, it is inevitable to resort to various ways to prevent hair loss. One of the most important ways to prevent hair loss is hair transplantation. Turkey is one country in particular is quite advanced in this regard. Over the years thousands of people from different countries visit Turkey only for hair transplantation. Do you want to know more about hair transplant? Good!

What exactly is hair transplantation and how is it applied?

Hair transplantation is one of the most popular health services in recent years. The operations of hair transplantation since the ancient times were almost in no way satisfactory. The patch model was used for all hair transplantation methods. This patch operation was not preferred because of its natural appearance and stitch marks. With the developing technology, the scientific world has developed FUE and FUT techniques considering all these negative situations. The main logic of these methods is as follows; The donor is a donor, the donor hair is taken from the area of healthy hair roots are transferred to the region where the hair is poured.

Hair Transplantation Befor-After

What are the criteria required for a successful outcome in hair transplantation?

  • Health of hair cells
  • The frequency and thickness of hair in the area called donor field
  • The ability of the area to be transplanted to feed the cells to be transplanted
  • The surface of the area to be transplanted
  • Experience of the team and the doctor to perform hair transplantation

As you can see, this process is not a painful process. Even a price that can be paid for your dream hair. Speaking of costs, how about the pricing of hair transplantation operation? If you are wondering, this process may vary according to many factors. Prices may increase or decrease according to the density you want, the processing time and the repeats. Of course, the institution you work in has a lot to do with the price.

So, we can say that we can count on Turkey as the homeland of this process. What are the best hair transplant centers in Turkey?

Mega Hairtrans

Mega Hairtrans is an organization that has been serving on Hair Transplantation for 25 years since 1995. Hair Transplant patients from abroad to Turkey that Turkey and the plantation of one of the pioneers that have made it the first health tourism sector. Turks abroad or foreigners coming to Turkey Organizes Hair and gaining confidence with the health Hair is an organization that provides health tourism story. Mega Hairtrans’s vision and mission to the people coming from abroad to Turkey for hair transplantation aims to provide complete services to meet all your needs. In addition, Mega Hairtrans has won the “Most successful hair transplantation center of the year” award last year.

Hermes Hair Clinic & Hair Transplant Center Istanbul

This clinic has been doing hair transplantation for 17 years. In 2018, they were awarded the title of “The best hair transplantation clinic in Europe” by die Welt. Hermes Hair Clinic places great importance on innovation. They are doing FUE hair transplantation with Unique Slit which is more efficient than DHI, Sapphire and Percutan techniques. This technique is used only at the Hermes Hair Clinic. If you choose Hermes Hair Clinic for hair transplantation, we have to say that you will see 99% success of your hair transplant. So, the hair that is planted is never lost. Thanks to this excellent success rate, it makes great hair transplantations that look natural.

Op.Dr.Hüseyin Kandulu Hair Center

The world-renowned aesthetic surgeon Op. Dr. Hüseyin Kandulu is one of the most successful doctors in the world for hair transplantation. He has applied hair transplantation to thousands of people for 15 years. And Kandulu had hair transplantation too. The most striking point is that he can perform hair transplantation in very high and very high greft numbers. This is the biggest feature that distinguishes he from other hair transplantation centers. He is one of the famous hair transplant doctors you can see frequently on health programs on TV.

Transmed Hair Transplant Center Istanbul

It is a company that uses the latest technologies in hair transplantation. Very successful doctors united under one roof. First of all, it is a healthy hair transplantation whose subjects are aesthetically beautiful. Melike Külahçı who is the expert, has achieved very successful hair transplantation operations. It is also the robotic hair transplantation is one of the first to use hair transplantation centers in Turkey.

Dr. Emre Çiçek

Dr. Emre Çiçek graduated from Fırat University Faculty of Medicine in 1998.
he attended the Hair transplantation (FUT and FUE) workshops and seminar of Bessam Farjo and Nilofar Farjo. Çiçek also attended Prof. Dr. A. Barrera – Dr. J. Cooley- -Dr. J Greco (USA) and Dr. A. Ginzburg  seminars on hair transplantation. If you want to reach him, you can reach the website by clicking here.

That’s the most preferred hair transplant clinics, centers on Turkey’s plantation. If you intend to undergo such an operation, we would like to make your research part easier for you. Hair transplantation is not considered a risky operation, but if you can’t find a really good doctor, it can put you in material and spiritual distress. Therefore, no matter how small your operation is, you should choose your doctor carefully. Prices of hair transplantation can vary, so it is not always best to choose the one that fits your budget. As a result, if you want to spend the time and money you want, you should not underestimate any operations and take care to choose your doctor carefully.