Have you ever noticed? Fashion turns to naturalness. We’ve started seeing hairstyles that away from artificial everywhere. Well that’s nice for us. Because, big curls, hard hair sprays or all the other hairstyles that are applied to our hair with other annoying methods are pretty uncomfortable. You know that, no one can play hell with our hair as much as we do. Unfortunately, it’s true.

However, we don’t need any of this anymore. Cuz, it’s time for messy hair! Yeeey! And actually this hairstyle which named half-bun is a complete cutie pie. We fell in love with this hairstyle. I hope you’ll love too..

You don’t have to have long-length hair for a half-bun.

Those who have short-lenght hair can easily use this hairstyle. This is one of the biggest reasons why we love this hairstyle so much. Because it looks so beautiful in both possibilities! What’s more, it doesn’t matter if you have a curly, wavy, straight, thick or thin hair type to use this marvelous hairstyle. And creating a half-bun is actually piece of cake. That’s rulez huh? Isn’t it?

Now listen to me dudes, it’s simple. If you have a straight hair, it’s okey. Just be clear, shaping a straight or straightened hair can be difficult. Then you have to make sure that your hair is a lil dampy before you start creating to your half-bun. then, you can ready to start of creating this amazing hairstyle. That’s it, you go girl!

And if you have curly or wavy hair, you’re lucky ones. In fact, you’re often lucky. Anyway, no extra effort is needed to shape your wavy hair. Why do you have to make an effort anyway? Wavy hair always look beautiful! You guys are all enviableness.

If you want to try this hair model, you can watch a video about it by clicking here. Please, if you try this hairstyle let us know that. Cuz we know that will look amazing on you!