“Which haircut suit my face shape?”, “What hair style is best suited to me?”, “How should I cut my hair according to my face shape?” We know you’re always asking yourself these questions. It’s time to take a hand at this. Relax, sister, I’il tell them all.

Hair is one of the most important accessories of women. Therefore, it is worth to be a little knowledgeable and researched in this matter when you have a haircut. I will tell you about the choice of hair according to your face shape. When you choose a hair style that suits your face type, you get a more harmonious and elegant look. You can also hide the features you don’t like by your face with the right hairstyle or you can stand out according to your request.

Let’s start from the beginning: How many types of faces are there?

There are 5 different face shapes including round, oval, triangle, heart and long.

You can find the closest picture of yourself with the front face photo.
If you have found out which shape of your face shape, Now it is time for you to look good and you will come to find a beautiful hair model. Here at this point we will help you to find the appropriate hairstyle.

Let’s see what haircuts best suits your face shape.

Haircut Ideas For Oval Face Shapes!

If you have an oval face shape, you’re lucky one. Because this face shape is a suitable face type for almost all kinds of hair cut. You can choose from a variety of options when you go to the hair salon.

If you are an unstable person this may be a difficult selection process for you, but on the one hand you’re lucky. Many models you choose will be the right model for your face type. Now I want to talk about things that you should be careful about when choosing a hairstyle for plain face shape.

If you have an oval face, do not cover your facial contours, make your facial contours more straight than hairs with straight, straight-cut hair. Long or short hair, wavy or curly in the way you want to combine and you can determine the style that suits you.

Haircut Ideas For Square Face Shapes!

The most conspicuous part of the square faces are angular jaws. I think it is a very characteristic face and has a charismatic structure. Softening the corners of the jaw is the most important point in this face type. You should try Bob haircut or layered haircuts. If you want to bring your face closer to the ovary, you can use it for asymmetrical hair or round curls cut at shoulder level. You can examine our hair models which are suitable for square face shape and apply a hair cut that you like.

Haircut Ideas For Round Face Shapes!

Having a round face shape is a little hard work. Your use of the right haircut has a great effect on your appearance. You need to remove your face from the round view and show it longer and thinner. You can show your face more slim and long by embossing the upper part of the hair, adding volume or removing your hair. These are important tips for this face shape. Long natural wavy hairstyles or hair layer starting from the chin section you can choose.

Haircut Ideas For Triangle Face Shapes!

The most prominent part of this face is the narrow and pointed jaw structure. The face shape resembles an opposite triangle when viewed from the opposite side. Hair styles we should prefer; There should be hairstyles that will leave the chin in the background. The volumes given to the ends of the hair will give a more proportional appearance to the waves made to the ends of the hair starting from the jaw velocity. One of the things you should pay attention to in this face type is that you should stay away from short or straight hair and non-fold cuts. If you have this type of face and you want to insist on short hair, you can use the hair section that extends from the neck to the front and the volume to the top just like Victoria Beckham.

Haircut Ideas For Heart Face Shapes!

There are 2 important points to be observed on the faces of the Heart Shape. One of them is forehead, one is for the chin part .. To close the opening on the forehead hair is used, the jaw portion of the triangle to lighten the hair from the height of the jaw needs to be adjusted. You can find the most suitable style for yourself by using long or medium hair sizes.

Haircut Ideas For Long Face Shapes!

This is the face width that should be noted in the form of the face .. This type of length, the width is larger than a disproportionate image occurs. Minimizing this disproportion can be achieved by providing volume to your hair. Curly or wavy hair ovalizes the face. hairstyles that you need to avoid when choosing a hairstyle; long straight or short cut hair. If you want to use short hair, the shortest form should be the chin line. To show your face shorter, you can choose straight skittles or scanned sideways.