Have you ever wondered how wigs was discovered? It has a very interesting story.

The origin of the wig is based on the Ancient Age.

Sometimes the decorating tool and sometimes the status symbol wig, Assyrian, Phoenician, Greece, Rome and Egypt were used. In those years, it was produced from human hair, sometimes from human hair and horsehair, or by using black sheep’s wool and vegetable oils.

The Egyptians, who shaved their hair on the hot summer days, wore another wig while participating in the ceremonies while leaving the street to protect themselves from the negative effects of the sun’s rays. In Egypt, hair style, authority and rank was important for determining. We understand this from the combs, hairpins, razor blades and mirrors in their graves. Two people of the same class not only wore a wig, but also preferred hairstyles that were very difficult to separate.

The Greeks preferred the little hair attached to the forehead in those years. The rich Roman women had their wigs made of war prisoners’ hair wetted with gold dust. Not degrading at all huh(!)

Men began wearing a wig under the leadership of the King of France XIII Louis, who spilled his hair in the early 17th century. In the middle of the century, in France, this branch of production was highly developed, and even a wig guild was established. Did you say “Whaaaat?”. Huh, because I said..

Well, we don’t avoid cleaning our hair right now.

We even use many products for hair cleaning and care. So, we do not need to shave our hair and walk around the sun. Then, why are the wigs back? In fact, the answer is very clear. Yes, we wash our hair and care for them. So, is this enough? Of course not! Now, every change we make in hairdressers is harming our hair. Think of celebrities who dye their hair in a different color every week like Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry or Rihanna. How can they still have lush and healthy hair, although their hair is so processed? Because they don’t always dye their own hair. While we are trying to chase the trends what they bandy about, our hair is being damaged.

Yet we have a second choice! Which is Wig! Wigs are amazing now. You’re so likely to find exactly what you want. But we have a problem, they’re too expensive. Fortunately, we have a second choice in this case too. Synthetic wigs are more affordable than organic wigs. Of course, we do not say that you use wigs like Egyptians or Greeks at every moment of your life. But if you want to make a change and as a result, even a single wire of your hair will not be damaged, why not? It sounds good!

Can you believe it’s a wig??

One of these beauties..

Oh, Hello you mermaid!

I’m not gonna lie, I’d be jealous if this was her real hair.

What’a perfect!

Well, hello Beyoncé..