Kendall Jenner! She is young, beautiful, successful and so much fun. It is impossible not to envy her close friendship with Cara Delevingne and Gigi Hadid. And of course we’re jealous of her being the Victoria’s Secret model too. Under these achievements of Jenner, who was born in 1995, his labor is too great to bear, even if it is a ”Kardashian“ factor. The young star, who has always been supplying the podium of all the world famous fashion brands, has finally turned her dreams into a reality and joined the Victoria’s Secret Angels. We congratulate her on her perseverance in that point.

In fact, everything is not limited to these. With her impeccable body and innocent beauty, she is as famous at the podium as she has for the street style. Maybe you’ve noticed that Jenner’s hair style doesn’t become popular as much as her clothes. It is not difficult to have Jenner’s natural waves with Sea Salt Effective Sculpting Spray. You know that! Just do not forget to use Extra High Hold Hair Spray.

Anyway, Kendall Jenner, who generally makes similar choices about hair color, prefers a hair color that is generally suitable for skin color and age.

Although she hasn’t made much changes in haircuts, she is one of the most beautiful celebrities under the age of 25. Kendall Jenner who one of Kim Kardashian’s step-sisters, -As if you didn’t know it!- although she doesn’t make big changes, her hairstyles are still liked by people.

So, can we say she’s never taken any risks until now? I think not. Every woman has made mistakes about her hairstyles. Especially if her life was unfolded. We have compiled the best and worst hairstyles of kendall jenner for you. You will understand what you should do and what you shouldn’t do after these photos.

Here are the best and worst hair styles of Kendall Jenner!

Let’s see the best hairstyles of Kendall Jenner first!

As you can see, Jenner usually prefers the same hair models and hair colors even haircuts. Damn woman! Make a change! :/

So, What About The Worst?

OK, I’ll accept that blond is not your color. I’m sorry for what I said just before.

Well, here, another blondie hairstyle. Seriously, you GO brown hair!

I think that’s enough, otherwise this hair bang can kill me.

Dear Kendall Jenner, I must say that you were right to use the same hairstyles. I respect you once more. Please stick to your knitting.