Isn’t it time to quit a few habits?
Make-up trends and colors change as everything else changes. You can continue to follow the latest makeup trends in our website. Because women love to connect, we can’t get rid of the habits coming from the past about makeup.
But now, It’s time to say “Stop!” Isn’t it?

Here’s what you need to do and do when you’re doing makeup!

Do: Makeup is not a tattoo! Don’t be afraid to try new things. Oh you did, but it’s not looking good? Try again! Try new colors, try new techniques! You can achieve more beautiful results!
Do not: Do not chuck your lower lashes or pull a black pencil into your eyes. We are very insistent on this, because it shows you much older than you are.

Do not be afraid to highlight your eyebrows! You can try eyebrow pencils or gels. This will make you look younger than you are!
Do not: Avoid holding your blush close to your eye. This will make your nose look bigger than it is. Suppose there’s a line from your nose to the top of your ears and try to keep it under that line!

Do: Use eye cream. You don’t have to wait for your age to grow. The eye area is one of the most sensitive parts of our face and we need to protect it. Moreover, you will start your war with your wrinkles early!
Don’t: You’ll have to stop moving lipstick to the edges to make your lips look bigger. Because this is a very amateur move. If you want to show your lips great lip pencils and lip can learn to make up.
Information about them can be found in our “Beauty” category 🙂

Do: You can use waterproof mascara on your lower lashes. This will prevent them from disintegrating and getting into the lower parts of your eyes.
Don’t: Stop using your high school sponges to apply your foundation. You get better results every time you renew them. Come on, those sponges don’t hurt you!

Do you think it’s time to start cleaning your brushes? The more you keep them clean and the more you wash, the more you keep your face away from the bacteria!
Don’t: I guess we will continue to say this in every article. Don’t sleep with makeup! You really need to pay attention to that. We understand your mother’s insistence on this matter!
You know when you’re a mother … 🙂