In the past seasons, we’ve all experienced how sweet it is to send a pointed messages with our T-shirts. You probably can remember these slogans: “Girl Power”, “Not your babe”, “Cry Baby” . Um yeah, you have been quite motivated, right? As you can see, these T-shirts are perfect for spill guts.

Luckily us, we don’t need WhatsApp to send messages anymore. And don’t need that t-shirts too.. Because we have hair clips that can send messages now!

So, how the hell this trend exploded? Thanks to Selena Gomez! Yey!

!!!Gossip Alert!!!

Dolce & Gabbana‘s designer Stefano Gabbana commented on an Instagram photo of Selena Gomez. “È proprio brutta” this was the content of the comment. Do you know what does it mean? Let’s explain, it means “She’s so ugly.”. This behavior was sooo rude, mercilessly and we hope that was a joke. But just in case, shame on you Gabbana:(

Going back to the subject, Selena Gomez came out with this magnificent hair clip. What a wonderfull accessory selection! -applause was here-

As we said at the beginning, these hair clips became a trend thanks to Gomez!

After that, we’ve come across these hair clips a lot. These hairpins, the kind of hair accessory that even someone who does not like to use comfortably. No matter what your hair cuts, put them in your hair and go out!

You should definitely try these hair clips which are both exquisitely elegant and very adorable . If you have already tried you can share with us, you know that. It makes us very happy.

It’s okay if you don’t know where to buy it. We’re here for that sis. You can buy these awesome hairpins from Amazon by clicking here.

If you want to see more of these cute hair clips, you should take a look at these photos!