Just say goodbye to the split ends on 6 steps!
Who wants their hair ends to be dull, dry and hard? We don’t want any of us! Most of the time, even if you just cut your hair, you can’t solve this split tip problem. Our hair is unintentionally split, and as a result, it is an unpleasant appearance. We’re guessing you won’t let the hair strands split after you knows why your hair is broken. Thanks to the hair secrets we will give you, you can say “Good bye lil’ troublemakers!” to your split ends forever.

Well, why hair ends split?

Hair ends are one of the most sensitive points of our hair. Often, chemical processes such as dyeing, perming, excessive use of straighteners and tongs, constant tense collection of hair, and so on cause hair to dry out. This makes the hair more fragile. You can even break your hair with rubber hairpins, hard pillow cases and towel. This is insane but true. If the hair is not healthy enough to break is much easier. Your hair is more prone to break without moisture.

After all these evils that we have done to them, our hair become so bad that they have no choice but to cut them. If you do not want to do this to your hair, you should pay as much attention to their health as your own health.

The main question is “What should be done to prevent the hair ends from spliting?”

If you don’t want your hair split, there are some steps you can take, special care you can use. Let’s explore them together!

Use Sulfate-Free Shampoo

Sulphate, which provides foaming of shampoos, can cause hair fibers to dry out and break more. Most of us are used to the foaming of our shampoo, but especially the broken, dried, frayed hair does not feel good foam. To prevent the drying of hair more, we recommend that you use sulfate-free shampoos.

Protection from the harmful effects of heat

You should always use heat-proof care creams or sprays before shaping your hair with heat. Then, when using a straightener, you can try to comb the hair so that the hair strands do not curl or flatten out. So you can fix the hair with a hand and straighten the hair with the other hand.

Do not dry your hair with a towel!

When you get out of the bathroom, you can wrap your hair in a cotton t-shirt instead of rubbing your hair in a towel to get the moisture from your hair. We recommend that you wait for the hair to dry spontaneously after taking the moisture.

Use soft hair brush!

In daily time, you should use brushes that are not synthetic, natural, soft bristles when combing their hair. They cause the hair to break and the hair combs the plastic combs. You can understand how much damage it makes to the hair, especially from toothpins, when it squeezes your hair with frequent teeth, plastic combs. Also, when combing your hair, you should always crawl from top to bottom. By doing this, you can discover that your hair is more easily combed.

Feed your hair ends!

If you have fractures, you should always make sure you use hair conditioner in the bathroom. You may even notice that your hair will look much healthier when you applies regular care creams to your hair. Care creams, especially those containing nourishing oils, are very effective for removing hair from the ends.