Yep, your eyebrow shape tells your personality!

Now, we forget that our eyes are windows that open to the soul, and we focus on our eyebrows!
We can say that eyebrows are miracles. Not only are your eyes protecting your eyes from dust and dirt, they are the most important supporters of expressing your feelings without speaking. At this point, no wonder the beauty industry is so obsessed with them; you try to find the perfect eyebrow model that will suit your face for years! And you right that!

So, Did you know that eyebrows give a few tips about your personality besides expressing your feelings? Let’s look at these tips! 🙂

The Hills

You’re an energetic, grounded person. We can say your eyes don’t scare anything. You carry a solid head on your shoulders and realize how you can live your life better. Just like Angelina Jolie!

High Curves

We can say that you have a tendency to perfectionism. If you want something, you get it! Even if you’ve set off together or your opponents give up, you’ll endeavor to continue.


You’re a warrior. There is courtesy and care in your nature. People usually come to you to get advice, and therefore you are fans. We can often say that you are an angel of goodness who adopts the problems of others.

Absolute Straight

You have a serious character. You can’t accept “no” as an answer. No matter what comes to your head during the day, you can’t stop looking proud and well-groomed.

Thick Begining

Whatever you’re doing, you want to do it yourself. Asking for help is quite difficult for you. Rather than getting someone’s help, you’re one of those who prefer to move with your own nails.


It’s not hard to say that you are a hot potatoes under your sweet and cute look. People don’t want to mess with you, because you certainly know how to defend yourself! You go girl!